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New Inventions: Cashew Extraction Machine

December 13, 2010 in New Inventions, Sri Lanka

Usually, kernels of the cashews are extracted by hand. It is time consuming and damage the cashew kernels. Buddhi Industries has manufactured a fully automated machine, which produces undamaged cashew at a faster rate. it has been patented by Geneva and the proud inventor Mr. Maheepala has been honoured by presidencial awards. Buddhi Industries Pvt. Ltd. is one of pioneers for inventing machines for self employments in Sri Lanka.

In early stages it had to be fed with single cashew nut at a time. Then it is improved to auto feed the cashew nuts. With this invention Mr. Maheepala was able to establish Buddhi Industries & then Buddhi Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Awards Received
• Presidential Award for the Best Inventor of the year 1999.
• Gold Medal in 29th International Exhibitions, New Techniques and Products of Geneva.