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Classic Sri Lankan Drums

January 29, 2011 in Ancient Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka Drums

Sri Lankan drums are something that we cannot forget when we talk about Sri Lankan music instruments. There has been many type of drums used in Sri Lanka. According to the precent records history of Sri Lankan drums goes back to more than two thousand five hundred years. They have been used for pleasure, special occasions, rituals as well as for communication.

Geta Beraya (Wedding Drum)
Category – Awanadda
Made – Asala, Kohomba or Kos timber, Cow Skin and Monkey Skin
Play with free hand
Played on the ceremonial occations
Area used – Kandiyan (Hill Country)

Yak Beraya (Ruhunu Bera, Devol Bera)
Made – Kithul timber, Cow Skin
Played – Free hand
Area Used – Lower country of sri lanka for Thowils, Mask Dancing and the perehares


Made – Kithul timber. Also, Asala Kohomba and Kos timber with Cow leather
Played – One with Stick (Kaduppu) and other side with hand
Usage – Buddhist Ceremonies all over Sri Lanka.


Smallest Drum
Made – Suriya or Asala Timber Monkey or Iguanna leather
Played with – 2 Sticks (Walayan)


Similar to Udakkiya (Bigger than Udakkiya)
Usage – Rituals


Made – Clay with Shape of Kalaya,
Usage – Songs of Farmers

Thammattama (Twin Drum)

Made – Kithul Timber, Cow leather
Played – With two sticks.


Made – Wood and leather
used – Dancing

Combination of Sri Lankan Drums Played …