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Sinhala guitar Chord Collection

November 26, 2010 in Sinhala Guitar Chords, Sri Lanka

Where can we find Guitar Chords for Sinhala songs? There are couple of really good websites where you can find all the latest and old songs tabs. 

Oba Dutu A Mul Dene Gypsies 3/4
Malata Babaraku Se Clarence Wejaywardana 4/4
Deleepa Podi Puthu Clarence Wejaywardana 4/4

You can find a good collection 80s 90s 00s sri lankan songs with guitart chord. Small problem with that website is you need to install Sinhala fonts to check the lyrics. But it is worth. 
Some of my favorites

Aadara Malwala – Kasun Kalharal

Ambaruk Sevanelle – C. T. Fernando
Eda Rea – Milton Mallawarachchi
Haa Mal Pipenne – Christopher Paul
Kimada Naawe – Golden Chimes

Great site with lots of great songs and their guitar chords. I am sure you will find really cool songs there.

There are many guitar chords, tabs websites from English songs. This is one of the first well organised website I have came cross for the sinhala guitar chords. Enjoy.
There are a lot of sites that provide guitar tabs and guitar chords for English songs. However there are very few sites developed in Srilanka in this niche. I’ve had an idea to create a good guitar site for Srilankans for a very long time and finally I have made that happen.

I think You have enough songs to try and if you know any cool websites you can always share it in iilanka. Email us your site.

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