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Colombo City CCTV Camera Locations

January 13, 2011 in Sri Lanka

Note where Colombo city cameras are fixed now ! Please pass this information to others – to drive the vehicles correctly and diligently obeying the road Rules & Regulations in the future.Watch when you are driving in the future, as they will record your mistakes in driving and catch up with you in due course. Which is a very good move to eradicate the haphazard driving prevailing in Sri lanka .

1-Parana Parliamenthuva Handhiya – Kotuva (Ols Parliament)
2-Ceramic Handhiya – Kotuva
3-Dhumriya Sthaanaya – Kotuva
4-Bus Nevathum Pala – Madhyama, Pita Kotuva (Central Bud Stand)
5-Technical Handhiya -Sangaraaja Maavatha
6-Maradaaana Paalama
7-Ibbanvala Handhiya – Darley Road
8-Lipton Vataravuma
9-Galla Muvadhora Handhiya ( Galle Face Junction)
10-Liberty Plaza Handhiya
11-Mal Paara ( Flower Road )-Agamethi Kaaryaalaya paara (Prime Minister’s Office)
12-Kollupitiya Handhiya
13-Thunmulla Handhiya
14-Bambalapitiya handhiya
15–Kirulapona Handhiya
16-Paamankada Handhiya
17-Vellavaththa Handhiya
18-Naaraahenpita Handhiya
19-Maha Kanaththa Handhiya (General Cemetry Junction)
20-Borella Handhiya
21-Aayurvedha Handhiya – Raajagiriya
22Kandhasaami handhiya
23-Mattakuliya Handhiya
24-Kelaniya Paalama – Colamba – Nuvara Paara
25-Peliyagoda Paalama – Colamba – Meegamuva Paara