Download Free 2017 January Calendar Wallpapers

Warm welcome to the year 2017. We have created some wallpapers and giving away some awesome calendar wallpapers to download. They are absolutely free. Drop your email address and we will send you the download links.

We are trying to add beautiful pictures from Sri Lanka. In January, we are covering wildlife, hot sandy beaches and Sri Lankan beautiful models. We have added a calendar with all the public holidays so you can plan your holiday in advance. In January 2017 you have two public holidays. Full moon Poya day on 12th January 2017 and Tamil Thai Pongal on 14th January 2017. Do not tell your boss. You can take a holiday on 13th and it will give you a nice 4 day holiday just after the Christmas and New year break to enjoy.

Wish you a great 2017 and may your dreams come true.